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Our serviced office telephony and data services

When at Avanta Business Centre, you can be sure that you have the latest technology, working at its best to support your business needs. In today’s fast-paced world, no business can compromise on a robust and stable IT communication network. Whether it is voice or internet, both are critical for smooth business operations.

Keeping this in mind, we have invested hugely in our central Information technology networks to make sure that we provide the best and our networks are flexible enough to cater to varied requirements from different corporates.

Each corporate house has different network and security protocols and we are geared up to handle all of it. The IT network at each business centre is carefully thought of, no expense spared to ensure that internet, and telephone services are at their best.

Highly Sophisticated IT Infrastructure

As an Avanta Business Centre client, you get highly sophisticated IT infrastructure at a nominal price. Imagine getting a fully managed 50Mbps symmetric leased line internet connection with onsite support at a fraction of the cost.

By setting up this highly efficient network we are not only able to deliver quality services but at unbelievable prices.

High-speed Internet Connection

We deliver high-speed internet connection to your work desk over CAT 6E cables from our server rooms. There is a combination of layer 3 and layer 2 switches to make sure that each company is working on a different VLAN, which ensures that your data is highly secure.

Each Avanta business centre is connected by a Fibre optic cable with a MUX installed in the server room, which is monitored 24×7 and is programmed to send alerts on its health to our IT control centre. Our custom build software is capable of managing huge bandwidths and capable of preforming complex processes such as allocating dedicated bandwidth, allotting public IP addresses, NATing etc. There are a range of software’s which work tirelessly monitoring the health of each device on our network and can send us preventive alerts if a problem is about to crop up in the network which our engineers can look at instantly to solve the problem even before it effects the network.


Each desk comes with a Cisco /Mitel IP phone, which is more than just a normal phone. All phones are on extension mobility which means that you can log into any phone throughout the business centre with your ID and password and that device will become your extension and all your personal settings will come on to that phone.

The user can set up multiple voice mail greetings, set speed dials and set up directories, if all this sounds too complicated, we have onsite team to help and guide you through setting up your phone.

If you are travelling or you can still access your voice mailbox and retrieve voice mail or change settings or change greeting by simply dialling a number from any phone and keying in your extension number and password.

We take pride in providing best quality services to our clients. We also make sure that trouble shooting is prompt to ensure that each member in the team undergoes strenuous IT training, which makes them capable of providing instant support to clients and taking care of complex problems. We have a team of highly qualified network and system engineers who are available round the clock to ensure that our clients never face a problem in with the IT network.

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Client Testimonials

We looked at many options before moving into Avanta. The main issues for taking this decision were that we could operate from day one as there was simple documentation and the offices were fully equipped and functional. Here we can concentrate more on our business than looking into basic requirements of running an office which take so much of executive time apart from cost to the company. Also, it is almost like owning our own office as Avanta premises are unbranded.

- Country Director, UK India Business Council India Pvt. Ltd.

Indeed I looked around for other places also but Avanta’s location was ideal for our business, particularly most of our customers are close by and it made sense to select Avanta. That’s why we ended up here. When we were finalizing the deal with Avanta, we concluded it quite quickly, and we moved here few months back. So far the journey has been excellent. Whenever you need an office in India this one thing that’s very important is the infrastructure. And I think the best part in Avanta is that we have more or less all facilities available which we need to run an office.

- Head of Customer Business, Rolls Royce Energy

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